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Does the Tesla Model 3 Highland Have Ambient Lighting?

Considering the new Tesla Model 3 Highland? I was so curious about the updated features that I dug into everything from performance to style. One question stood out: Does Tesla Model 3 Highland have ambient lighting? I've done my research, and here's all you need to know. 

Does Tesla Model 3 Highland Have Ambient Lighting?

The Tesla Model 3 Highland does have ambient lighting. It’s a striking feature that distinguishes the Highland from earlier versions of the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 Highland features LED strips throughout the cabin, including the dashboard, doors, center console, rear cup holders, and footwells.   

Steering wheel of a Tesla Highland

The ambient lighting feature allows for customizable cabin lighting, as you can access diverse colors and brightness levels. This creates a comfortable, tailor-made driving experience you and your passengers can enjoy. 

Installing an Ambient Lighting Kit on the Tesla Model 3 Highland

Setting up an ambient lighting kit in your Model 3 Highland can enhance the interior ambiance of your Tesla car. While there are several do-it-yourself methods, some rules apply across the board, including:

  • Select an ambient lighting kit compatible with your Tesla Model 3 Highland. This could be an interior LED lighting upgrade kit or neon lights designed for the specific model. 
  • Gather the necessary tools. Typically, you would need basic tools such as a trim removal tool, screwdriver, and possibly a power drill, depending on the specific requirements of the kit.
  • Disconnect the battery as a safety precaution before working with electrical components.
  • Pry opens the dashboard, seats, door handles, etc., using plastic trim removal tools as they help prevent scratches and damage.
  • Install the LED strips using adhesive backing or zip ties to secure the light strips in place.
  • Connect the lights to existing wiring, the 12V cigarette lighter socket, or the USB outlet, and neatly route the wires using existing trim and panel gaps.
  • Reconnect the battery and test run the ambient lighting. 
  • Reassemble all the parts you removed, securing them back into place. 

With the installation complete, you can now enjoy the enhanced ambiance of your Tesla Model 3 Highland with the new ambient lighting.

Customizing Your Tesla Model 3 Ambient Lighting

You can easily change the color of your Tesla Model 3 ambient lights using the touchscreen by accessing the "Lights" section in the control option. 

There, you will find the "Accent Lights" option, which allows you to choose from seven preset colors or create custom colors. The custom colors can be saved to your profile, providing a personalized touch to the interior lighting. 

Upsides to the Tesla Model 3 Highland Ambient Lighting Features

The magic of ambient lighting extends beyond aesthetics for the Model 3 Highland. Its features provide many useful benefits that make driving your car much better.

Person using the touchscreen inside a Tesla

Visibility Enhancements

While aesthetics are important, improving accessibility and convenience matters too. The Model 3 Highland's ambient lighting helps enhance visibility and awareness in the following ways: 

  • Door illumination: The subtle lights help make door handles visible at night, making entry and exit a breeze, especially for passengers in the back. So you don't have to look for where your door handles are. The door handles are usually seen clearly with the ambient lighting turned on. 
  • Cup Holder Illumination: With the handy cup holder lighting, finding your drink at night is easy. Cup holder illumination helps you locate your beverage quickly, minimizing the risk of spills.
  • Footwell Illumination for Increased Safety: This feature helps you spot potential threats that hide in the shadows, adding a layer of security. Illuminating the footwell area lets you see your surroundings more clearly, which can be especially useful during nighttime driving.

Lighting Aesthetics

The ambient lighting makes the Tesla Model 3 Highland your canvas, allowing you to birth different tastes and styles whenever and wherever. 

  • Tailored taste: Choose from a spectrum of colors to match your Tesla’s interior with mood or style, setting the perfect ambiance for any occasion. You can also share your lighting profiles with other Tesla Model 3 Highland drivers. 
  • Personal preference: Save your favorite color combinations and access them anytime with just one click of a button. You can adjust on the go, quickly switching from different colors and intensities using the touchscreen controls.
  • Animated lighting theme: Get enthralled in an even more immersive experience with animated lighting themes. You can cruise down the highway with a pulsating, rhythmic light show synchronized to the music or set a serene, starry night ambiance for a more romantic drive. 

Multiple Lighting Zones

The Tesla Model 3 boasts a sophisticated ambient lighting system beyond illuminating the cabin. It features multiple lighting zones, granting you granular control over the ambiance. 

Red Tesla Highland

If you want a vibrant glow emanating from the footwells while keeping the doors bathed in a soft, calming white, there is no problem! You can adjust each zone independently through the touchscreen to tailor the lighting to your preferences.

Related Questions

If you have a question about the ambient lighting of the Tesla Model 3 Highland, we've got you covered. We have answered some popular questions about the Model 3 ambient lighting. 

How Do You Change the Ambient Light Color? 

It's simple! Navigate to control on the touchscreen, select "Lights," then "Accent Lights," and choose your desired color or create a custom palette.

How Do I Activate Ambient Lighting? 

The ambient lights automatically turn on with the headlights or interior dome lights. You can also manually control them through the touchscreen.

Do All Teslas Have Interior Ambient Lighting? 

No. Not all Tesla models have interior ambient lighting. The Model 3 and Cybertruck have ambient lighting as a standard feature, while the Model S and Model X do not have this feature yet.


The Tesla Model 3 Highland’s ambient lighting extends far beyond the realms of mere aesthetics. With just the right combination of artistry and engineering, it elevates your driving experience by intricately merging personalization, practicality, and safety into every part of your adventure.

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